For over 30 years now, bass fishing has been my passion and the passion of those I spend time with. Tournament bass fishing has become the drive to keep that fire burning, my skills sharpened and for some of us older anglers, a way to stay healthy, engaged and passionate about what we know is the best sport on earth.

As time takes it toll on the body, the mind is still as strong as ever. I’ve contributed to many bass clubs and series during my journey. From being the club secretary to multiple club presidencies, I’ve always wanted to give back to the sport and advance it for the next generations. is my way to give back, make things better by making things easier and simple, all the while fueling that competitive fire I’ve always had. This site will never be financially profitable, but it was never intended to be. But it will pay itself back in generating more interest in the sport, creating more organized tournaments and helping so many anglers meet life long friends. That last little bit is the biggest prize bass fishing has ever given me. I hope you too can say the same.

Please enjoy the site, relish in the competition and companionship. But most importantly, enjoy the water and let that trophy bass live and give the next angler a story they’ll never forget. Tight Lines my friends. Sincerely, Morgan Boyd

What People Say

“There is no better place to find a bass tournament in Iowa. It’s all there, everything. So glad I found it.”

D. Kelly – Cedar Falls, Iowa

“It’s amazing it took so long for someone to do a site like this. I wish we had one in Nevada.”

M. VanNatta – Las Vegas, NV

“You can’t imagine how much time has gone into something with all this information. It’s so easy to use and most of it’s free. You don’t see that much anymore.”

E. Gilger – Waterloo, Iowa

Let’s build this sport together!