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    Things you should know about tournament fishing from Dubuque, Iowa.  This area is home to Pool 11 of the Mississippi river.  Pool 12 is very close and often fished from the launch ramps in Dubuque.

  While we at Bass-Cafe have not fished from Dubuque yet.  We can say that river fishing here is very similar to fishing Pool 7, Pool 8, Pool 9 and Pool 10.  

  Current rules on the Mississippi river as there are always bass near current seems.  From smallmouth to largemouth, the river can’t hide it’s favorable hidding spots for bass.  Fishing slack water near current is always a good idea and often pay dirt for tournament bass fisherman.

  Around early summer time you have to venture into the backwaters and throw top water frog, buzzbaits and flip the stumps and knockdowns. 

  Late summer the bass will be moved out to sand flats with vegetation and slight currents.  Often deep holes near current will work too, but you’ll need to graph these honey holes out first.

  We’ll gain more insight as we venture to southeastern Iowa in the years to come so check back often for more insights.

  If you fish this are regularly your input is welcomed.  Just email at the email listed near the bottom of this page. 

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