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Flipping Jigs in Rivers and Lakes

Bass fishing in the Midwest offers an incredible array of opportunities for anglers, and one of the most effective techniques in this region is flipping jigs. Whether you’re fishing in rivers or lakes, mastering the art of flipping jigs can lead to bountiful catches of largemouth and smallmouth bass. However, it’s important to understand that the approach to fishing with flipping jigs varies significantly between these two types of water bodies, and factors like current and water clarity come into play.

Understanding the Importance of Current and Water Clarity

When fishing for bass in rivers, one of the most critical factors to consider is the current. The flow of the river dictates the behavior of bass, as they often position themselves strategically to conserve energy and ambush prey. In faster currents, bass typically seek shelter behind rocks, logs, or other structures where they can wait for food to be swept by. This is where flipping jigs shine.

Water clarity is another crucial factor in river bass fishing. In murky water, bass rely more on their lateral line and vibration sensing to locate prey. This means that jigs with added movement, such as trailers with flapping appendages, can be highly effective. In clearer water, a more natural, subtle presentation may be necessary.

Lake Fishing vs. River Fishing

Lake fishing presents a different set of challenges and opportunities compared to river fishing. Unlike rivers, lakes lack the constant flow of current, so bass tend to relate more to depth and structure. Flipping jigs are still effective, but the approach differs.

Depth and structure are key factors in lake fishing. In the absence of current, bass often relate to underwater structures like submerged vegetation, drop-offs, rock piles, and submerged timber. Flipping jigs should be targeted to these areas where bass are likely to be hiding.

Seasonal Considerations

The changing seasons in the Midwest bring unique challenges and opportunities for bass anglers. Here’s how to adapt your flipping jig tactics throughout the year:

  1. Pre-Spawn: As water temperatures rise in late winter to early spring, bass move closer to spawning areas. Target shallow cover and structures near potential spawning sites. Crawfish or creature-style trailers can be effective in mimicking prey during this period.

  2. Spawn: During the spawn, bass are highly protective of their nests. Accurate casts to beds are crucial. Stick with natural, slow-moving trailers to entice reluctant bass.

  3. Post-Spawn: After the spawn, bass recover and often feed aggressively. Transition to faster-moving presentations like swim jigs or trailers with paddle tails to imitate baitfish.

  4. Summer: As the water heats up, bass often move deeper. Target underwater structures and consider using trailers that create a lot of action to attract bass from a distance.

  5. Fall: In the fall, bass feed voraciously to prepare for winter. Focus on shad imitating trailers and work flipping jigs near schools of baitfish.

Choosing the Right Trailer

The choice of trailer can make a significant difference in your flipping jig success. Here’s a breakdown of some popular trailer types for different scenarios:

  • Crawfish or creature-style trailers: Ideal for imitating crayfish and other bottom-dwelling creatures.
  • Paddle tail trailers: Great for mimicking baitfish and adding subtle action.
  • Flapping appendage trailers: Perfect for creating vibration and movement in murky water.
  • Chunk-style trailers: Offer a more compact profile for a subtler presentation.
  • Grub or worm-style trailers: Versatile and can be used in various situations.


Flipping jigs are a versatile and effective tool in the Midwest bass angler’s arsenal, whether you’re fishing in rivers or lakes. Understanding the impact of current and water clarity, as well as adapting your tactics to the season and choosing the right trailer, can make all the difference in your success. So get out there, explore the Midwest’s incredible waters, and put your flipping jig skills to the test for a rewarding bass fishing experience.

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