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  Things you should know about tournament fishing from Guttenberg, Iowa, in pools 10 and 11 of the Mississippi river.

  Guttenberg has a ramp north of the lock and dam called Bussey.  This is often used in both high water and low water situations.  This ramp is at the south end of pool 10 and allows better access to plenty of bass honey holes.  Current and eel grass are key factors if fishing the pool 10 side of Guttenberg.  When you find these two things and clean water, you’ll find the bass.

  On the down river side of Guttenberg is the public ramp that is much larger than Bussey.  This sits within eyesight of the lock and dam and most travel south for good bass fishing.  The locals can often be seen using white spinnerbaits down the off current areas but there is far more to this pool than that.  It will take time to learn the area but once you’ve figured out the current breaks, you’ll enjoy solid fishing here. 

  Fishing from Guttenberg, Iowa on the Mississippi river can be outstanding.  There are plenty of current breaks and back water lakes and small ponds that need investigating.  Find the reeds and current and you’ll find the bass on this stretch of the river.  A slight current flow near some deeper water, five to ten feet, will be optimal fishing grounds for bass.  As always on this mid section of the great Mississippi river never pass up lily pads in the back waters with your topwater frogs.  While there are plenty of pike to keep you retying, it’s worth the hunt as largemouth can group up in popular pad infested areas.  

  Keep an eye out for long drawn out sandy points as well.  Smallmouth bass love the hunt these areas and frequent them often.  Fishing current by the spillways is never a bad idea, but be very careful when the waters are low.  If the water is up look for areas that gain current in these conditions.  Bass will follow shoreline up and use the current to find the best paths in and out of these flooded areas.  

  While the facilities at Bussey are ok, they are much better at the public ramp on the south side of the lock and dam.  Use the Casey’s and Kwik Star if you need to use the restrooms prior to landing at Bussey.   

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