Create Your Own Image or Sharpen your series Image for less than $50

See below for some before and after logos.  We sharpen them up and modernize your look!  

Mid Iowa Bassmasters
Mid Iowa Bass Maters
Original Cedar Rapids Logo
Cedar Rapids Bassmasters
Iowa Bass Stalkers Icon
Bass-Cafe Hooked Cup Feed Your Passion

  The images shown here were created as website icons and are made in high resolution but for a small area. 

  Most were created to fit a two inch by two inch area on a webpage.  We can make large detailed images that can scale up or down in size without losing high resolution.  That type of file is called a vector file and will be provided with your order. can create jpg, png, esp, psd, pdd, psdt, tiff, psb, raw, psr and many more file types.  Anything from TShirt logos, coffee cup size, we can provide them all.

   Let us help you take the confusion out of it all.  You tell us what you need and we’ll build it and supply it in high definition.  Our turn around time is fast, normally within a couple days.