Eat - Sleep - Refuel

Where To Eat

Great River Roadhouse De Soto, WI

Bright Spot Tavern & Restaurant  De Soto, WI

Carly’s Hilltop De Soto, WI

Jerry’s Sportsman Bar & Grill  Ferryville, WI

Where to Sleep?

River’s Edge Motel Ferryville, WI

Scenic Valley Motel Lansing, IA

Great River Resort Genoa, WI

Grand View Inn Ferryville, WI

Where to Fuel? Ethanol

Arco  De Soto,WI

Kwik Star Lansing, IA

Sinclair Lansing, IA

Mobile Ferryville, WI

Blackhawk Park Pool 9

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Fuel (map quest)

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Black Hawk Park Pool 9 Mississippi River

Army Corp of Engineers Pool 9 Navigation Maps