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3 Mile Lake, IA

Union County - 880 Acres

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  3 Mile Lake has had its struggles from about 2018.  However, in 2022 the lake has shown it is on the mend and coming back.  Many reports show successful bass fishing trips in the last year or two and tournament weights are coming back as well.

  3 Mile fishes similar to 12 Mile in many ways and their close proximity has the structure in the lake mirroring that of 12 Mile too.  

  Anglers love to flip the timber at 3 Mile and swim jigs, bladed jigs and swim baits doe well here.  

  More to come in 2023 as we talk with more anglers and take our Bass-Cafe boats down to see for ourselves.  

  It will be great to see this one time lunker lake make a full comeback and we’ll be there helping relay the results.  Check back soon to see how things go.

  Things to know here:

How far from 3 Mile Lake

Where to Sleep?

Corning Hotel (20 Miles West of Creston)

Corning is Bass-Cafe’s #1 Choice!

Supertel Inn Creston

Quality Inn Creston 

Cobblestone Inn & Suites Winterset


Where to Refuel? Ethanol

BP in Creston

Casey’s in Creston

Casey’s in Afton

Creston, Iowa

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Afton, Iowa

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Osceola, Iowa

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Local ramp, dock and facilities information

    Things you should know about tournament fishing 3 Mile Lake in Union county Iowa. 

    The restrooms are readily available near the top of the ramp and parking lot.  There are two lanes for launching your boat and parking is very close to the ramp, directly ahead and slightly to the left past the large rental cabin. 

    Fishing the rockpiles and timber laid cut and points is a local favorite at 3 Mile lake.  We’re gathering more local information on this lake and will add more as the information arrives.  

     We’d love to hear from you if you fish 3 Mile regularly.  We never ask or publish specific spots, we’re more interesting in the way the lake fishes from spring to fall.  Time on the water and dedication will get anglers there favorite areas, we’re more into enhancing the sport of bass fishing and the conservation of our natural resources.  

    Please click the contact us button if you’d like the help with lake write up.  

    Thank you


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