Belva Deer Lake

Lake Belva Deer

Northeastern Boat Ramp

Bass Fishing Lake Belva Deer

  Things you should know about tournament fishing from Lake Belva Deer near Sigorney, Iowa.  

  This lake has tons of timber, very similar to Brushy Creek.  The north ramp is where tournaments are launched from and there is a long rock wall with a spillway about midway down.  Rocky shorelines, a beach and timber laid out in coves normally draw bass and panfish boats quickly.  As you head west on the lake the timber is very visible and the structure and depth is everywhere.  The lake goes both east toward the campground and second ramp and north toward many of the lakes mounds and submerged rock jetties.  Two creek beds feed in from the north and northeastern ends of the lake.

  This lake has some big bass and if you fish this just right you’ll break the 20 pound bag mark.  Bring you lure retriever as Belva Deer is known to eat up some tackle.    

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Eat - Sleep - Refuel @ Belva Deer

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