Big Creek Lake

Bass fishing at Big Creek Lake

  Big Creek Lake and state park is located north of Des Moines and south of Ames.  This results in it being a popular lake for fishing and recreational use.  As a result, accessing the lake is very easy and road signs are in abundance to guide you to the boat ramp.

  This lake is well maintained and bass fishing can be very rewarding.  

  In early spring the northern end of the lake is popular during pre-spawn.  Consequently this area is frequented during the spawn as well due to warmer water temperature and favorable spawning conditions.  

  As you drive southward, anglers have two nice sized coves to target the spawning bass as well.  Continuing further south on Big Creek and into the warmer months, the middle area of the lake grows in popularity due to its points, secondary points and migration routes.  Bassmasters will often been found pulled away from shore during post spawn as they target these largemouth bass highways to and from the spawning areas.

    Once you arrive at the deep south end of the lake it’s game on for just about any style of bass fishing you like.  There is plenty of shoreline, structure and off shore fishing to be had.  Pick you favorite style and fill up that live well!


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