Black Hawk
Lake View, IA

Sac County - 922 Acres

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Black Hawk Lake, Iowa

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Black Hawk

Lake View, IA - Sac County - 922 Acres

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TIPS:  This lake is similar to a bowl lake in Minnesota with the exceptions being near the ramp and the cove just southwest of the ramp.  The big open part of the lake has plenty of long docks that come out into the lake over 20 yards in length.  If the water is at normal levels these docks see plenty of lures.  Random structure can be found if you are willing to graph for it.  Near the ramp you’ll find shorter docks, rock and some timber.  If visiting after summer the lake could be low as they use the water to help with duck hunting in nearby wetlands.


Bass fishing tips for this area: Square billed cranks in the wind or morning around the docks works well.  Flipping docks is a local favorite as it’s the primary structure for many bass anglers.  Slowing down with a tube or shakey head worm can pay off nicely when trailer other boats as the pressure can be heavy with larger tournaments.  

The terrain:  Docks, rocks and timber are obvious choices.  Anglers who take the time will find nice grass beds that feed the visual shoreline hotspots.  This lake is not that deep considering the 922 acres it covers.  Be careful in the west, south west cove area as rock piles and timber will contact your outboard. 

The locals:  Locals target the high traffic migrations paths into the deeper docks.  These will hold grass beds that provide excellent access to shallow bait fish and shaded docks.

Bass-Cafe has only been to this lake once and it was late in 2022.  The water was very low and finding docks that were in enough water was tough.  Shifting to timber and rock in less that five foot of water paid off with flipping weightless tubes and 1/4 oz. shakey head worms.  A 4.5″ white and with blue jerk bait tossed around the 4 – 6 foot drops hooked a toad that got off at the boat.  This is a beautiful lake and when the water is normal should be an excellent place to fish.  

20 to 25 boats would be about all this lake should handle in a tournament without getting too crowded.  It can handle more as there is open water, but we all know where the bass boats go, so 20- 25 would be about right.   

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