Blackhawk Park Pool 9

Black Hawk Park - Pool 9 Mississippi River

Bass Fishing Pool 9 on the Mighty Mississippi River

  Things you should know about tournament fishing from Blackhawk Park, Mississippi River Pool 9. 

  Maybe the most strategic ramp in the Iowa \ Mississippi River series of launch points.  With Pool 8 just north and the prime pool 9 backwaters sitting very close, this pool requires a solid plan and being in the know if you want to win here.

  15 pound bags can be had within 3 miles of the ramp but 20 pound bags are a short committed boat ride away.  If you stay in the pool you’ll have plenty of current to help you stay competitive no matter where you end up.  Black Hawk park offers plenty of structure, back water and flats for all kinds of fishing.    

  A midsized ramp and parking lot nestled into a nice campground area make this ramp a great place to fish no matter your approach.  

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