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Mille Lacs

Carver County, MN - 128,226 Acres

Directions to Lake Mille Lack

There are multiple boat ramps for tournaments at Lake Mille Lac.

Beware of zebra musscels

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TIPS:  Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota is a huge lake.  Even in our 19’6″ Basscat this lake shows you immediately you need to be careful and have a thought out plan to return quickly in foul weather.  

  The lake has very clear water and those who want to catch fish realize smaller line can make a big difference.  Drop shot, Ned Rigs and other finesse style fishing dominate the winners podium at Mille Lacs.  Cranking the rocky bottoms and reefs will produce as well when the winds pick up.  

  Use you graphs here to find the deeper rock piles and scattered rocks that give smallmouth a place to feed.  There is so much water here you could graph non stop for two days and still need to do more.  If coming for a day or short weekend, pick one area of the lake you want to learn and stay on it.   Graph your areas and create your plan for the short stay.  Everywhere we fished we wanted to go back, so sticking with a plan helps to keep you focused.  When you return pick a new part of the lake and repeat your first plan above.  Eventually you’ll have a corner of the lake figured out and have plenty of options.  

  Lots of anglers start south, as we did, and found plenty of rock and reefs.  That’s where we found our fish and we found them quickly.  There’s plenty to learn at Mille Lacs so take your time and start planning your return trip now.  


The terrain:  Huge lake with open water.  Rock piles and some weed lines create plenty of water to fish and lots of opportunities for those who graph properly.  Clear water is the norm here so prepare your reels accordingly.


The locals:  Walleye style boats are everywhere and the size of the lake dictates this.  Both bass and walleye anglers look for similar rock structure with some wind current and close greenery.  The deeper you go the bigger the fish, but you’d better know what you’re fishing or the day goes by in a hurry.


Go for the WIN!  Big sun means deeper water, find the 15 foot rock piles and use the wind and spot lock to dissect your areas.   Slow down and fish with precision.  Once you find them, it won’t take long, but finding more structure that is the same might.  Have three big areas scanned and ready, the best areas have locals on them so you might have to move around some.


Things to know here:  This lake is huge, have plenty of gas and oil and a charged cell phone.  Zebra muscels infect this lake and surrounding lake home owners don’t like that you’ve fished Mille Lacs and then came back to their lake.  Check your boat and trailer closely and help keep things as they are or better.  

How far from Template Lake

Where to Fuel? Ethanol

Johnson’s Portside  #1

Holiday  West side of lake

Marathon Gas NE part of lake

Morning Star Market SE part of lake


Lake Mille Lac

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