Flat Bottom Series – Prairie du Chien

Flat Bottom Series

We again will be having 5 points tournaments with no throw outs. In each of these, anglers will accumulate points for our AOY payouts to be paid at the conclusion […]

NNPBS – #5 of 5

NNPBS host the 5th points event out of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin on August 27, 2022.  Will you make the top 20 and fish the “Classic”?    $10 MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED […]

NNPBS – Tournament #4 of 5

NNPBS Bass Fishing Tournaments

NNPBS starts the second half of their 2022 season on August 27rd or 2022.  $10 Membership Fee Required As Pool 10 heats up so does the Angler of the Year […]

NNPBS – Tournament #3 of 5


The 2022 season for NNPBS heats up on June 25th.  $10 MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED  Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, will host tournament number three of five.   NNPBS returns to the water for […]

NNPBS – Tournament #1 of 5 (2022)


No Nonsense Prairie Bass Series (NNPBS) kicks off their second year on April 23, 2022.  $10 MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED After an impressive inaugural year where NNPBS averaged over 50 boats, year […]