Let Bass-Cafe Handle IT

    Bass club anglers really want to focus on fishing and not the time and effort it takes to keep results updated.  Keeping websites correct and Angler of the Year (AOY) standings on track is a lot of work.  Trying to keep it all clear and presentable on Facebook doesn’t really work and the anglers deserve better than that. 


    Bass-Cafe is here to take that pain away at very reasonable rates and with many options to fit your needs!


    Bass-Cafe has over 25 years experience in club and series web mastery, secretary, vice president, treasurer and president roles.  We know how anglers don’t want the hassle of doing all these tasks and how it often leads to clubs struggling to stay together.  We’re here to help!  Check out the club and series links above to see how easy this can all be done for you and your organization.   Don’t your anglers and paying members deserve it!