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12 Mile Lake, IA

Union County – 635 Acres

Overall Fishing
More Than +30 Boats
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Overall Fishing
More Than +30 Boats
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12 Mile Creek Lake – Union, Iowa

How far from 12 Mile Creek Lake, Iowa

  Things you should know about tournament fishing 12 Mile Lake in Union county Iowa. 

   From the rocky shoreline and lay down evergreens, to the depth drops and clear water, 12 Mile can be fished many different ways. 

  The southern most boat ramp is where tournaments are launched from.

  Newer anglers to the lake will focus on the obvious targets like shoreline, weed lines, rock walls and laydowns.  More experienced anglers to 12 Mile will look to deep points, deep trees and deeper water drops near the creek channels.  12 Mile has plenty of 5 and 6 pound bass but you’ll need to focus on deeper water to consistently catch them, especially in summer. 

  Big baits are key to luring in the larger bass in many cases.  10 inch worms, big swim baits and Carolina rigged big plastics are very popular here.    

  Iowa bass fishing has steadily increased over the past few years and the winning weights at 12 Mile Lake have increased as well.  Because of this increase there has also been an increase in the lakes popularity. This creates a delicate balance for the bass population, average size and overall conservation effort of the fishery.  With plenty of oversight from the Iowa DNR, this lake should continue to thrive even with the added pressure so long as anglers continue to practice catch and release AND handle their catches well for weigh ins and keep the mortality rate low.  

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