Green Outlined Bass-Cafe

West Lake
Osceola, IA

Clark County - 320 Acres

Overall Fishing
More Than +30 Boats
Less Than -30 Boats

Directions to West Lake, Osceola, IA

41.040393, -93.803062

Fishing Pressure

Slightly High Fishing Pressure Guage

West Lake
Osceola, IA

Clark County - 320 Acres

West Lake – Osceola, Iowa

TIPS:  This lake fishes bigger than it initially appears from the ramp.  The deeper areas are on the eastern part of the lake and it’s here that the musky will claim some of your favorite big baits.  That being the case, this eastern part of the lake will be busy will bass anglers come mid June and beyond due to the access to deeper water.  

  Earlier in the year the bass will push shallow and bass boats will be spread pretty evenly throughout the lake as shallow water can be productive.  Migration routes to the eastern shallow area are excellent choices year round as the lake hosts an abundance of bait fish.  

The terrain:  Wood and rock are abundant here and flipping and cranking will be a good place to start scouting your water.  

The locals:  This lake is somewhat busy due to the Casino being within eyesight and lots of folks know about it.  Don’t be fooled by the number of boats as many are not after bass.  The pressure is moderate and the locals steady, but not too bad for a lake of this size and quality.

Go for the WIN!  Find your area to flip and fish it thoroughly.  With only 320 acres to work with you can rest assured others are searching as well.  Focus on your known good areas and flip the timber top to bottom.  

Things to know here:  The parking lot is not very big and the ramp is nice.  You won’t deal with much shore fishing once you exit the ramp rocks and nearby timber.  

How far from West Lake, Osceola

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